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General Winter Advice

Our policy & that of the local authority is;

If we did not take the passengers in the morning we are not responsible for getting them home, if you take your children to school please be aware that if conditions worsen and schools close we will NOT attempt to collect them for you when we did not take them.

Additional Company Policy;

We ask if you are unsure about the accessibility of your property you contact the driver or office to arrange a pick up point along the main road, drivers have telephone contact details for the majority of passengers,  but there are still gaps in or office based lists, if you need to give us you details telephone numbers click here. If you need your drivers contact details ask them for a “Contact Card” this will have a number for you to “Text” the driver directly.

As a guide to our company policy;  all drivers have the ultimate safety of passengers in mind and will take decisions not to travel along certain area’s if the roads appear to be unsafe, In particular some roads may seem ok at the beginning but have points of no return and a driver knows these hazards better than us in the office, so we cannot always give guarantees of transport arriving in hazardous weather conditions. As soon as a driver tell us of a problem we try and get announcements via this site and Facebook. (Facebook is faster as we can post the information directly via mobile phones)

Overall Minibuses are not the best vehicles in the snow and ice, and getting stuck in narrow country lane’s with small passengers on board is a nightmare scenario,  cars and 4X4 are much better and safer, so with good communications and planning we can minimise risk and avoid frustration.  If you can think of a way to meet your driver at safer locations during  inclement weather we really appreciate your forward thinking.